Template Tuesday: #9 Remittance Envelope

Get those donations flowing in with ease using our #9 Remittance Envelopes. One mail piece where you can house it all! Preprint your address to prevent return mistakes. Preprint indicia and save time avoiding stamps. Did you know: mailing on a permit reduces your cost for postage? If you are a nonprofit you can also save on postage by mailing with a nonprofit permit. Utilize the envelope flap to inform people about your cause and strengthen the branding of your piece.   Looking for subscriptions? Place a remittance envelope in your magazines and booklets! Customers can return a check in [...]

October 23rd, 2018|

FAQ: Diving into Paper (Part 2) – How is paper thickness measured?

Caliper (or paper thickness) is measured in points (thousandths of an inch) by a micro meter. You may see 16# bond through 32# bond paper - all thicker and thinner variations of the initial standard sized bond paper. 20# bond and 50# text paper both weigh 75gsm but being a different type of paper (bond vs. text) have a different thickness thus a different weight per 500 standard sheets. Let’s check out a visual reference that compares weight measured in pounds of 4 common paper types to thickness, measured in both points (1/1,000 of an inch) and millimeters to the [...]

October 9th, 2018|

FAQ: Diving into Paper (Part 1) – How is paper weight measured?

Obviously 1 single sheet of 100# gloss text doesn’t weight 100 lbs. So that poses the question, how is paper weight measured? In the US paper is measured in pounds and designated by the weight of one ream, or 500 standard sized sheets. Not all paper types have the same standard sheet size and not all paper types have the same caliper (or thickness). That’s why smaller sized paper that is thicker can have a weight that is the same of a larger sized but thinner paper. Check out this handy chart to see common paper and the standard (or [...]

September 20th, 2018|

Envelope Templates: Business Edition

We’re back with more envelope templates. For all of your business correspondence needs we have four standard size envelope templates available here.   Regular Envelopes Choose a regular envelope with the option to preprint your return address and logo. Use your own address labels or take advantage of our mailing services and have your recipients address printed directly on the envelope prior to distribution. Window Envelopes Choose a window envelope with the option to preprint your return address and logo. Utilize the ability to view the recipients address directly from the letter within.   #9 Template #9 Window Template #10 [...]

September 10th, 2018|

We’re back at it with new Rack Card templates and you can be back at it too!

Inform people about your business, services, nonprofit or event with a Rack Card. Great for handing out with a smile, placing on counters or in literature racks (hence the term “Rack Card”). We’re back with more sizes for your favorite cost effective printed product. Choose from gloss or matte cover weight stocks. Heck, go with a black and white print on text weight stock for newspaper inserts if you’re really looking to save. All while looking professional. 3.66x8.5 Rack Card Template (Best Bang for your Buck!) 4.25x11 Rack Card Template (Most Real Estate.) 4x9 Rack Card Template (Standard Size.) As [...]

August 14th, 2018|

Stamp it. Seal it. Send it. Envelope Templates A2 | A6 | A7

This week we are offering up a few gems from our envelope template stockpile. Don’t fret, the rest will be coming soon! Great for notecards, invitations and event marketing the A2 A6 and A7 are our most popular standard size correspondence envelopes. Take advantage of the ability to preprint your return address adding a monogram, logo or custom design if desired. Have a mailing list? Provide it to us so we can print individual addresses too! With access to a USPS certified processor we can assure you that your mail will reach the intended destination, at a competitive postage rate. [...]

July 31st, 2018|