Envelope Templates: Business Edition

We’re back with more envelope templates. For all of your business correspondence needs we have four standard size envelope templates available here.   Regular Envelopes Choose a regular envelope with the option to preprint your return address and logo. Use your own address labels or take advantage of our mailing services and have your recipients address printed directly on the envelope prior to distribution. Window Envelopes Choose a window envelope with the option to preprint your return address and logo. Utilize the ability to view the recipients address directly from the letter within.   #9 Template #9 Window Template #10 [...]

September 10th, 2018|

We’re back at it with new Rack Card templates and you can be back at it too!

Inform people about your business, services, nonprofit or event with a Rack Card. Great for handing out with a smile, placing on counters or in literature racks (hence the term “Rack Card”). We’re back with more sizes for your favorite cost effective printed product. Choose from gloss or matte cover weight stocks. Heck, go with a black and white print on text weight stock for newspaper inserts if you’re really looking to save. All while looking professional. 3.66x8.5 Rack Card Template (Best Bang for your Buck!) 4.25x11 Rack Card Template (Most Real Estate.) 4x9 Rack Card Template (Standard Size.) As [...]

August 14th, 2018|

Stamp it. Seal it. Send it. Envelope Templates A2 | A6 | A7

This week we are offering up a few gems from our envelope template stockpile. Don’t fret, the rest will be coming soon! Great for notecards, invitations and event marketing the A2 A6 and A7 are our most popular standard size correspondence envelopes. Take advantage of the ability to preprint your return address adding a monogram, logo or custom design if desired. Have a mailing list? Provide it to us so we can print individual addresses too! With access to a USPS certified processor we can assure you that your mail will reach the intended destination, at a competitive postage rate. [...]

July 31st, 2018|

Template Tuesday: Saddle Stitched Booklets

Cost effective and versatile as all get out! That’s right, saddle stitched booklets are by far one of our most popular products. Dress it up with color ink, a gloss stock and a full bleed or keep it simple with black ink, a text weight stock and white margins. We can find the right combination to fit not only your project, but your budget too!   Product Uses: - Programs for Graduations, Recitals, Weddings, Ceremonies, Memorials, Events - Itinerary Guides - Magazines or Newsletters - Catalogs - Photography Books - Company Handbooks and Manuals - Reports and Reference Materials - [...]

June 12th, 2018|

FAQ: What does “Print Ready” mean?

We consider any file “Print Ready” if it is built to the correct size/specifications, has high resolution images/graphics, contains crop marks, and utilizes bleeds when necessary. To brush up on the low down about bleeds, visit our previous blog post: What is a Bleed, and why is it so important?

June 5th, 2018|

Template Tuesday: Bifold Brochure

Two pages, four panels, endless possibilities. That’s right! From menus to programs and all of the promotional marketing material in between, a bifold brochure has got you covered. Here at The Copy Store we love keeping it simple. And folks, it doesn’t get much more simple than your standard letter sized paper, folded in half. No tricky panels of various sizes, and no convoluted folding patterns.   By now you know it’s possible to put together your own design piece and print it at home or right in the office using a quarter inch of white space for a border. [...]

May 22nd, 2018|