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Preparing for Print (Deadlines and Considerations)

Putting your finished product on paper can be a lengthy process.  If you take into consideration the print process you can speed up the turnaround time and actually increase your quality too!  Furthermore, a proactive client always stands a better chance of moving up on the production schedule if another project is put on hold. Print Ready File – Without going into lengthy discussion a majority of files that are uploaded for print are not actually “print ready”. There are subtle setup directions that can help speed up the process for you. Ask your printer about their setup preferences. Quantity – High Volume orders generally [...]

Finishing Work! What’s That Mean?

If you’re reading this, then you’ve likely ordered some type of print at some point in your professional career.  However even for those who order print on a daily basis finishing work is often times underestimated.  Simply put, once the ink is laid down, the paper has to be manipulated in some way to produce the desired outcome.  Consider these finishing steps below when ordering your next piece. Cutting – If a piece is any size other than 8.5” x 11” then it likely needs to be cut. Not a long process, but it does add some production work to [...]

Why Design?

No matter what the project, the do-it-yourself approach can be very rewarding.  Some of the reward is saving on cost from paying someone else to do the work.  Often times what we don't factor into cost is our time.  In the print process, the design element is an area where most of us can try to save.  Consider these factors below when you making the decision to let a professional designer execute your creative vision. 1)      QUALITY – Leave your ideas in the hands of someone who daily takes a vision and turns it into a tangible responsive product. True designers study the [...]

Print Pricing Must Haves

A Quick Checklist for a Quick Quote As with most professions there’s much more that goes into print than meets the everyday eye. Clean up your order and save money in the process by considering these five factors: Quantity – How many? (cost tip – the higher the quantity the better the price per unit) Ink – Is it color or black and white? Does the color go to the edge of the paper? (known as a bleed) Is it double-sided? Simple questions but must haves for any printer to give you accurate pricing Size – Sometimes smaller isn’t better. [...]