So you want to design your own brochure. Great! You’ve already read but that standard trifold brochure doesn’t feel right for you. We’ve got solutions! Check out the following Gate Fold Brochure:

This unique yet simple design is a three-panel print that invites customers to open two cover panels from the center point revealing a full 8.5″x11″ landscape interior. Utilizing a full bleed with standard .125″ safety area from the edge of the piece, the Gate Fold allows for plenty of legible real estate. Whether you need to include wide infographics in your piece or you want to entice customers and lead them through a clever layout, this product offers plenty of horizontal space with a playful cover. Grab the template here:

Gate Fold Template

The Gate Fold uses the same measurements for the interior and exterior of the piece leaving no room to question whether your folds will line up. 

If you have any questions or would like .ai or .indd templates please contact or call 716.847.6400