Caliper (or paper thickness) is measured in points (thousandths of an inch) by a micro meter. You may see 16# bond through 32# bond paper – all thicker and thinner variations of the initial standard sized bond paper. 20# bond and 50# text paper both weigh 75gsm but being a different type of paper (bond vs. text) have a different thickness thus a different weight per 500 standard sheets. Let’s check out a visual reference that compares weight measured in pounds of 4 common paper types to thickness, measured in both points (1/1,000 of an inch) and millimeters to the overall density, measured in GSM:

Paper Comparison Chart

As you can see paper types are described using terms such as bond, text, and cover. We’ll get into the available types of these papers in our next FAQ blog! Want to know more or have samples of our common paper stocks? We’re here: | 716.847.6400