While I don’t want to encourage you to stop reading this right now, I’m going to do just that. But only do it after following these instructions. Look away from the screen and take 15 seconds to count as many colors as you can see

If you’re back that’s great. I won’t address those of you who aren’t. The point of that draining, physically exerting exercise is to prove a simple point. We live in a world of color. So naturally, color is what most customers gravitate to when printing. We think it’s important to point out how black and white can be beneficial to your company and your printed materials.

Focus on Content – When there isn’t a bunch of different color images clamoring for your eye’s attention you can more effectively drive your audience to the real importance of the piece: content and information.

Improved Printing Technology – Today’s equipment is cutting edge. Grayscales are much improved so you don’t lose definition. Translation: you can use black and white pictures or images and not lose any quality or depth.

Cost – You save a nice chuck of change by teaming up with black and white. It would never be advisable for this to be the driving factor in any printing decision. However, sometimes we are in a pinch and a lower bottom line is icing on the cake. Who doesn’t like icing on the cake?

Try a Combination – Blend the best of both worlds. Try a color cover, and black and white interior for your program. Or try color on one side of post card and black and white on the other. Most clients believe they have to do one or the other. Not true. Combine both options, fulfill your color needs, and save some money too.