When you choose to work with The Copy Store, we’ll take every measure to ensure your product reaches your intended audience. Whether you’re working with a purchased mailing list, choosing USPS routes for EDDM (every door direct mail) or providing your own list of addresses, we’ll run your data through all of the rigorous industry processes, returning a clean list to you for future uses.

Here’s what happens when we receive your mailing list:

  1. Dedupe
    • Remove any duplicate addresses to save you on print and postage costs.
  2. CASS Certification
    • Coding Accuracy Support System Certification: evaluate your data with USPS address-matching software and generate a report on undeliverable-as-addressed records to increase your future delivery success
  3. NCOA Processing
    • Keep your mailing list accurate and up-to-date on individuals and businesses that have filed for a national change of address

These processes can be especially helpful to:

  1. Keep your database current
  2. Save on postage costs
  3. Protect your recipient’s privacy
  4. Maximize your ROI

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