Putting your finished product on paper can be a lengthy process.  If you take into consideration the print process you can speed up the turnaround time and actually increase your quality too!  Furthermore, a proactive client always stands a better chance of moving up on the production schedule if another project is put on hold.

  • Print Ready File – Without going into lengthy discussion a majority of files that are uploaded for print are not actually “print ready”. There are subtle setup directions that can help speed up the process for you. Ask your printer about their setup preferences.
  • Quantity – High Volume orders generally take longer to design. Thus they probably take a little longer to print too. The larger the number in the order can generally relate to a little longer turnaround time too.
  • Finishing Work – If your piece requires any number of finishing steps then it can take some time to deliver the high quality you expect. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about finishing.
  • Production Schedule – Of course the customer that matters most is you. We approach it that way no matter how large or small the print run is. However, prioritizing the production schedule is a must. The more thoughtful you are on the front end of the work could help you when it comes to the back end. A printer who works with a trusted client on a regular basis will likely get some extra love if there is a hole on that production schedule. It’s just the way of the printing world!