A Quick Checklist for a Quick Quote

As with most professions there’s much more that goes into print than meets the everyday eye. Clean up your order and save money in the process by considering these five factors:

  1. Quantity – How many? (cost tip – the higher the quantity the better the price per unit)
  2. Ink – Is it color or black and white? Does the color go to the edge of the paper? (known as a bleed) Is it double-sided? Simple questions but must haves for any printer to give you accurate pricing
  3. Size – Sometimes smaller isn’t better. Know your desired dimensions. A trustworthy printer will get you into a size that gives you the most bang for your buck.
  4. Paper Stock– Keep it simple. Matte finish (duller) or gloss (shiny)? A thicker card stock (cover stock) or a thinner lighter stock (text weight)?
  5. Timing – Same day turnaround is doable but it’s an unreasonable expectation. You will pay a pretty penny for it too. Give yourself an extra day or two when considering when you need your product. This is an easy stress reducer that gives both you and your printer a little piece of mind.