Get those donations flowing in with ease using our #9 Remittance Envelopes. One mail piece where you can house it all! Preprint your address to prevent return mistakes. Preprint indicia and save time avoiding stamps. Did you know: mailing on a permit reduces your cost for postage? If you are a nonprofit you can also save on postage by mailing with a nonprofit permit. Utilize the envelope flap to inform people about your cause and strengthen the branding of your piece.


Looking for subscriptions? Place a remittance envelope in your magazines and booklets! Customers can return a check in the self mailing envelope and you can provide a form securely within the flap for customers to include other payment information and options. Want to create new customer accounts? We can make a form for that, too!


#9 Remittance Exterior

#9 Remittance Interior


Need more/less real estate for your information? Email  or call 716.847.6400 and we’ll provide you with templates for the remittance envelope that fits your needs. Don’t forget taking advantage of our design services is always an option.