Cost effective and versatile as all get out! That’s right, saddle stitched booklets are by far one of our most popular products. Dress it up with color ink, a gloss stock and a full bleed or keep it simple with black ink, a text weight stock and white margins. We can find the right combination to fit not only your project, but your budget too!


Product Uses:

– Programs for Graduations, Recitals, Weddings, Ceremonies, Memorials, Events

– Itinerary Guides

– Magazines or Newsletters

– Catalogs

– Photography Books

– Company Handbooks and Manuals

– Reports and Reference Materials

– Calendars


Check out the template here:

Single Page Booklet Template


How to:

  1. Build your file one page at a time, we’ll put it into a spread for you.
  2. The first page of your document will be the cover
  3. The second page will be the interior of the cover
  4. The second to last page will be the interior of the back cover
  5. The last page will be the back cover
  6. Total pages must be divisible by 4!
  7. Submit your print ready pages in a .pdf document and we’ll take care of the rest!


Need a different template size? Need a specific file format? We’ve got you: | 716.847.6400.