No matter what the project, the do-it-yourself approach can be very rewarding.  Some of the reward is saving on cost from paying someone else to do the work.  Often times what we don’t factor into cost is our time.  In the print process, the design element is an area where most of us can try to save.  Consider these factors below when you making the decision to let a professional designer execute your creative vision.

1)      QUALITY – Leave your ideas in the hands of someone who daily takes a vision and turns it into a tangible responsive product. True designers study the art and it’s history closely. Style is a consideration, but we can assure you quality of design will be better than what your second cousin’s friends’ boyfriend can do.

2)      PUBLIC RESPONSE –  A designer’s paycheck hinges on connecting your creative vision with customers to elicit the response you want, and thus, drive revenue.  Good designers are aware of industry trends and how different designs relate to that information.  All are considerations when design is created.

This was a postcard designed for ASI of WNY.

This postcard,  designed for ASI of WNY, served as a quick and cost effective way to reach a targeted audience.

3)      TIME – Do you have enough time in your day to accomplish all you want? Four hours later, you’re deep into a business card design that you’ll scrap anyway, especially if you’re unsure on printing specifications. A graphic designer spends considerably less time and develops multiple designs you can pick from.  Save money, time, and have multiple options! Let the designer exhibit their best to you, while you keep living up to your best with no interruption.

4)      PRINTER STRENGTHS – Every printer has strengths. A staff designer knows what its various print options do well.  A designer that factors this in as well as your best intentions in mind.  After all we consider the final step of the design process to be the actual printing itself.[/fusion_text]